More than just a small town.


The house is just a five minute walk to the center of Meursault, where two bakeries, a butcher, grocery, pharmacy, post office, bank, tourist center and several excellent restaurants are located. The town of Meursault and the surrounding vineyards can be explored by foot, while a bigger city, Beaune, is a ten minute drive away. There are numerous historic sites within an easy drive.


Image by K Raw

Image by K Raw


Eat like a local

Meursault and surrounding towns are home to some of the regions best dining. Our favorites are Le Chevreuil, Hotel Les Arts in Meursault and Ma Cuisine in Beaune. You can eat like a (French) king for a dime or a diamond, depending on what your looking for. For  a printable list of our local recommendations, click here

Image by J Marsh

Image by J Marsh

Settling In

A Home away from home

Experience the classic culture of Burgundy while exploring the quaint local shops -- there are plenty of grocery stores, two fresh bakeries, a butcher, a cheese shop and the wonderful, daily, open-air market every day in a different village (catch it in Meursault on Friday in the center of town). For a printable list of local amenities, click here



Experience the beauty of france

From a preserved Cistercian abbey to an Age of Exploration era hospital turned museum to Romanesque basilicas -- there's awe-inspiring beauty all around us. For a printable list of sight-seeing destinations, click here

A Culture of Wine

Sip some of the greatest 

Burgundy is well known as one of the best wine-making regions in all the world. Meursault is home to a number of Premier Cru vineyards and more than its fair share of excellent wineries. Check out this google map of Meursault-regional wineries (Map).